World’s Prep Week Three – Split Decision

Cut off for World’s registration is only around the corner, so it’s time to go over final decklist selection. Normally by this time in the process, we’ve all agreed on the respective best picks and are in the very last stages of tuning. Unfortunately this hasn’t quite panned out to be the case this year, due to a combination of limited testing time and a corp meta that refuses to be easily pinned down we find ourselves relatively split on final list selection.


We’ll start with the toughest section first, because to be honest that’s the only reason you’re here. If you’ve read through Mike’s post from the start of November you will already be aware that we weren’t feeling confident in any of the corp lists we had under active test at the time. Little to nothing has changed on this front, however CtM has moved to the forefront and is the top choice for both MikeP and ChrisFerg. Whiteblade’s timely release of his Boom! CtM list means the final call has yet to be made on the exact list so I provide both of the feasible options below.

Whiteblade Regolith Boom CtM
Malia CtM

We’ll look to pop an addendum on here once Mike/Chris have tested and finalised their choices here.

As for me, due to the fact that I am only able to play during the Friday swiss section I have opted to play a slightly more tweaked version of the Neurospike Azmari list from our last post. Although not completely wacky, this is not the most reliable/sensible decision and in testing has proven at best a 50/50 vs a runner with a decent plan. I’m just hoping it will guide me along to 9 wins so I can secure a foil Rebirth.

Spike Azmari


You’d at least hope that by the time we got to runner things would be unified, but unfortunately again here we are divided. Although worth noting here first that this is not a Bigg Maxx debate (thankfully, we’ve had enough of those…) and simply a choice between an almost sensibly sized Maxx list and a soon to be sensibly sized Steve list.

The Maxx list you’ve already seen as Mike covered this in our last post so I won’t bother going back over it again here. I’ve gone back and forth between adding a single Cit Sanc and a single Mad Dash on the list over the last week and eventually have come down on the Cit Sanc for a little bit of utility in the CtM and Gaga match ups. Much to my shame this leaves me playing a 47 card list but I’ll accept my scolding in a future episode of the podcast.

As for Steve again nothing super revolutionary here, as the list stands currently it’s also at 47 cards, but the cuts to 45 are already in the works. Most likely an Inside Job and a Falsified, but discussions have also mentioned a Laundry and the Polop here as other feasible options for removal.

(Almost) Sensible Steve

And so there we are, definitely not our finest testing cycle and while I don’t think any of us would be happy to say these are definitively the best lists, we’d all agree they’re solid enough to be considered. We’ll see you all in a few weeks for a post Worlds round up.

One thought on “World’s Prep Week Three – Split Decision

  1. I’ve been testing CtM heavily too and have had more success with this list than the FA Asa list from my comments on the last post. It’s like if Hydra CtM was Tempo instead of Kill. I’ve found Nico Campaign to be a good compliment to CBS that allows me to run Jeeves. I also decided on 1x Sprint over 1x Malia. The Sprint allows me to save the Spin Doctors for recycling the lean tag punishment package and nastier assets rather than shuffle away agendas, it’s surprisingly good here!

    Agenda (10)
    3 AR-Enhanced Security
    3 Bellona
    3 Project Beale
    1 Tomorrow’s Headline
    Asset (21)
    2 Amani Senai
    2 Commercial Bankers Group ●​●​●​●​
    2 Daily Business Show
    2 Jeeves Model Bioroids ○​○​○​○​○​○​
    3 Marilyn Campaign ●​●​●​
    3 Mumba Temple ○​○​○​○​○​○​
    2 Nico Campaign ●​●​●​●​
    2 Rashida Jaheem
    3 Spin Doctor
    Ice (9)
    2 Enigma
    2 Hydra
    3 IP Block
    1 Ping
    1 Tollbooth
    Operation (5)
    2 Hard-Hitting News
    1 Market Forces
    1 Psychographics
    1 Sprint ●​
    Upgrade (4)
    2 Mumbad Virtual Tour ○​○​○​○​
    2 SanSan City Grid


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