Episode 3 – Truzt the Procezz

Chris, Mike and John return for a whimsically titled third episode in which we talk about our combined experiences at the Chatteris and Stevenage online store championships.

Episode 3 – Truzt the Procezz

After dissecting our deck selection and the respective tournament meta’s, we move onto our reactions to the latest NISEI banlist and the potential effect the loss of VLC will have on ASA, PD and the rest of the corp meta. Finally we take a step through some of the decklists in the meta that have piqued our interest, and look to how we will be spending our time preparing for the next online store championship in early May.

As always you can find the full results from both of the store championships on ABR at the links below.



Lastly, the link below will take you to the next online store championship a few of us will be competing in.


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