Lag Time…

Things are all pretty quiet at the moment, so just wanted to check in with a relatively small update to keep track of where we see things moving over the next couple of months.

Further SM Meta Testing

It feels like everyone, tournament organisers included, is awaiting the release of System Update and System Gateway with bated breath so there are, understandably, not a ton of standard events to test for at the moment. As such we’re putting our current testing process on ice a bit until we can see a bit of the shape of the new meta. Part of that is that Geist seems to be solidly the best runner and there is a fair argument that Asa is the best corp, both of which take a big hit in rotation (Geist is leaving entirely and Asa probably undergoes a significant change with the loss of Cybernetics Court). As such we’re saving some energy for that big shakeup and not spending a ton of time on Netrunner for a few weeks.

On the plus side myself and MikeP did get to dip our toes into streaming an evening of testing with Geist, which has now been archived onto YouTube. You can find the video here. We’ll be intending to resurrect these streams in earnest once the season livens up again, and have some initial plans on how we can get everyone more directly involved in the testing process.

We also spent a little more time after this stream was recording continuing to play around with the Geist list we had been using. I’ve placed that list below for reference purposes mainly, the main change being the switch back to Sports Hoppers after finding e3 + Hostage slots simply too durdly. Pinsel kindly dropped in to chat and sold us on the value of them even in the slower matchups.


2 Gbahali
2 Miss Bones
3 Sure Gamble
3 Grappling Hook
3 Boomerang
2 Prognostic Q-Loop
1 Amina
2 Simulchip
3 Diversion of Funds
3 Bravado
2 Sports Hopper
1 Paperclip
1 Stargate
6 Spy Camera
1 The Back
3 Masterwork (v37)
1 Bukhgalter
3 Tech Trader
3 Street Peddler

Rotation & New Cards

Hopefully we’re not too far away from the start of spoilers season and we can dig into the new cards at full force. The intention at this stage is to produce at least one podcast episode discussing the new cards, rotation and our first guesses at how the meta will develop. This may change depending on how slow/fast the drip feed of spoilers is and how much free time we can negotiate to get together and record. We’ll likely put out another update nearer the time with some more details.

Tournament Schedule

Although currently there’s still nothing on ABR at the moment, we’re already aware of at least two UK based SC’s that are likely to be arriving in the first couple of weeks of April. We’ll be aiming to make an appearance in at least one of these if not both. Hopefully as the new cards start to drop, competitive juices will start flowing again and we’ll see some more previously postponed SC’s showing up during the Spring.

UPDATE 20/02:

Both of the UK based storechamps we mentioned above have confirmed dates for the first weeks in April and will both be operating with the newly released cards. They’re linked below on ABR for reference, don’t miss out!

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