Potentials – January 2021

To follow on from some comments in our most recent episode, and to keep everyone up to date with how our testing has shifted in focus since the conclusion of the FB3 store champ we’ve compiled a list of decklists with potential we’re currently exploring. It’s quite possible that some of these will turn out to be flawed in some way and discarded. Others will be minor tweaks on previously proven lists we want to revisit in the current meta.

If this post proves a useful accompaniment to the podcast release we’ll look to continue with these curated lists on vaguely regular basis.

Maw Hoshiko

2 Rezeki
2 MKUltra
3 Sure Gamble
1 Boomerang
3 Simulchip
1 Medium
3 Liberated Account
1 Indexing
2 Datasucker
1 Hunting Grounds
1 DreamNet
3 Parasite
2 Black Orchestra
1 Rebirth
2 Paperclip
3 I’ve Had Worse
2 Labor Rights
2 Paladin Poemu
2 Stimhack
3 Zer0
2 Maw
3 Daily Casts

Firstly a shoutout to Osclate on this one, both myself and MikeP ran into this list in jnet casual and found it particularly intriguing. After mercilessly reverse engineering 90% of the list from jnet game logs we have since been playing around with it as a group and tweaked it into this current form you see above – adding the simulchips and changing the tech package a little. A pleasantly aggressive list for a runner that is still packing 2 x Rezeki. The rig sports triple Parasite and Simulchip providing a significant ice destruction threat. The economy is also well rounded and can carry into a late game situation pretty well.

Without Maw MU can be a bit problematic early, as you want to install both Rezeki and Datasucker as soon as you see them and can occasionally end up being forced to shuffle breakers in and out of the bin. Ideally in those situations you deal with ice with Parasite to keep space free then get a Maw down as soon as possible to have room for everything properly. There is a fair chance that it’s correct to swap Maw for Keiko with its significantly lower install cost for 2 mu and more consistent ability, and you’d have to really think about whether you wanted to register Maw at an event and go up against a string of ice heavy asset light decks, but it is a much more fun card and absolutely crushes some matchups (CtM, RP, Asa).

Results in testing so far have been generally positive although the swing to extreme 20 ice Jinja decks may prove a little overwhelming for this rig. General internal consensus is that we’re moving away from further iterations of this list in favour of the following runner…


2 Miss Bones
3 Sure Gamble
2 Grappling Hook
3 Boomerang
2 Prognostic Q-Loop
1 Amina
2 Simulchip
3 Diversion of Funds
3 Bravado
3 Sports Hopper
1 Paperclip
1 Stargate
6 Spy Camera
1 The Back
3 Masterwork (v37)
1 Bukhgalter
2 Stimhack
3 Tech Trader
3 Street Peddler

Essentially the Geist from World’s 2020 published by Pinsel. Clot is gone with so little FA threat around currently and a 2nd Simulchip is in. Double Miss Bones remains in place as it’s applicable in so many match-ups right now (RP, Jinja, Palana, CtM). Current slots open for debate are the Stimhacks and Sports Hoppers, potentially to allow room for a 3rd hook.

Not a lot else to say here that hasn’t already been covered previously. Internal testing is in the early stages but expect some further tweaks to be made after we’ve completed running it through a proper gauntlet.


Corp is proving a much tougher prospect at the moment, we’ve tried a few things (an Asa deck with SanSans, a couple of GameNet lists and Titan) which all have their own appeals and good matchups but none of them seem to be much more resilient than the pre-existing lists we talked about in episode 0 and 1 when facing down Hoshiko, Hayley and Geist. Rotage’s Jinja Sports deck – ideally with a couple of IPOs fitted in – remains the most likely new prospect and has been added to our testing gauntlet along with Palana and RP but nothing seems likely to crack the meta open.

As mentioned in episode 1 of the podcast, we’re still planning on giving straight up NWE Slot Machine Asa a run out but cannot at this point say that we’ve given it enough of a test to really comment on how we feel about it in the Salvaged Memories meta.

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