FB3 Store Champ Decklists

Straight off the back of this evening’s final testing session here are the final lists myself, MikeP and chrisferg are intending to play in the FB3 tournament tomorrow. Sign up at the link below to join us:



Only two changes from the list we linked in the podcast notes. Both of the laundries are gone after much consideration, the 3rd memchip is back in to make life a bit easier when wanting to grab the Datasucker early. The other laundry was initially swapped out for Compile but the card was found to be generally dead. A last minute change has been made to Harmony AR Therapy, although none of us are convinced on this slot and it’s completely untested.

Expect further discussion on this change in next weeks episode.


Some very minor changes on the Palana deck, isolated solely to tweaks of the ice suite. We’re down to one Thimblerig in order to make room for the second Excalibur, as it’s one of your best methods of scoring out. A single IP Block has been added at the expense of a Slot Machine to add one extra piece of cheap ETR ice.

We’ll be summing up our post tournament experiences in next weeks episode, definitely not to be missed!

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