Episode 0 – Salvaged Memories Review and Meta-Thoughts

We’re happy to present our first piece of audio content, a discussion with John, Chris and Mike about the returning cards in Salvaged Memories, the impact they will have and what decks we think are good at the beginning of this meta.


As mentioned in the episode, we’re happy to get any feedback about what you’d like to hear from this project in the future so let us know if you have any questions or ideas.

The Hayley list we discussed and all said we would likely play at an event right now is drawn from Saan’s list here https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/63059/big-bag-of-everything-1st-at-hacking-christmas . So far the only change that we’ve made has been cutting the third Akamatsu Mem Chip as Saan suggested and it seems pretty good in that state. A few tweaks have been discussed, particularly looking at the two copies of Dirty Laundry and could come up later in the week, but currently we’re playing it with those 45 cards

The Palana, that again we all decided we would probably play at an event next weekend, is drawn from CritHitD20’s list here https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/62999/salvaged-palana . The only difference is in the ice, in testing Surveyor and IP block have both felt like liabilities at times when they come up early against aggressive decks or when the remote starts to get dismantled by the all-in ice destruction decks that are starting to emerge. Those have been switched for a Fairchild 3 and 3 Slot Machines, but that change doesn’t really fundamentally change how the deck works beyond that preference. Again, there is a possibility that this gets tweaked over the next week as we get into more seriously testing it, especially in a matchup like Engolo Leela where the virus hate cards are all potentially blank, but for now this is where it stands.

The RP deck is an amalgam of various lists that have been around over the last couple of years, with the new cards added back in to shore it up and currently looks like this.

There’s no list provided here for Geist, our #2 runner, because likely nothing has changed in that deck since worlds. The correct assortment of tech slots is probably different now than it was a few months ago based on the changing corp meta but it’s not 100% clear without actual testing what that looks like to us.

One thought on “Episode 0 – Salvaged Memories Review and Meta-Thoughts

  1. Glad you like my Hayley list! You mentioned you were looking at the Dirty Laundries, and one thing I was considering was changing the Dirty Laundries into Tech Writers. Another thought was to turn the Harbingers into a Legwork, and then add a 3rd Tech Writer as well. Tech Writer is at least worth the 3c that Laundry is, since you can always Aesop’s it, but is potentially worth a LOT more, although it’s a slower card. Removing Harbingers would also mean less synergy with the Harbingers and Simulchips, since you can’t Aesop’s a Harbinger on a turn where you want to Simulchip (or just trash one), but it’s worth testing. Since Shaper is often a remote-lock deck, having a Legwork to clean out HQ could have a lot of value.


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