Introduction (or what actually is ‘the process’)

Welcome to the process, a space for a small collective of netrunner players to attempt to open source the whole deckbuilding, testing, and tuning process for an entire season of competitive netrunner.

What exactly does that mean?

Right now what we do at least have is a relatively clear objective. Be completely transparent for the entire process of selecting and testing decks for every competition/meta, up front and in as close to real time as possible. To be honest we’re not really sure what format this process will take ourselves. Whether that takes the format of small blog posts, spreadsheets full of test data, direct dumps of slack chats or recordings of our testing sessions. We just hope that the final output is in some way useful, informative and most importantly generates more discussion. We all love talking about netrunner and ideally want more people to talk to and more subjects to talk about.

Who are you?

Pop over to the About page for a complete list of the people involved at the moment. We’ve all been playing and talking about netrunner collectively now for the last few years, and actively tested and tuned decks together during that time. Some of them have been successful, others less so.

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